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214-529-8157 is the Fingerprinting and Notary Line - Budget Fingerprinting & Notary


214-529-8157 is the Fingerprinting and Notary Line

We mainly work by appointment in our office OR we can travel to you for an added travel charge. Most often, we can take care of you the same day you call us. You can book a convenient appointment with us by calling (214) 529-8157 any day of the week or you can schedule online 24/7. We generally work by appointment between the hours of 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Monday - Friday and between 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM on Saturdays. Closed Sundays and most holidays.

Our nice, clean, professional office is centrally located in a safe area between Dallas and Fort Worth half a mile south of Hwy. 183 Airport Fwy. at 1226 N. Belt Line Rd., Irving, TX 75061. We are just 3 stop lights SOUTH of Hwy. 183 at the southeast corner of Belt Line Rd. and Pioneer Dr. next to Walgreens. The sign above our office reads "Fingerprinting and Notary Services". PLEASE call (214) 529-8157 with any questions or before driving over to our office. Since we also run mobile appointments, we want to ensure that we will be in our office when you want to come in.

We are authorized to complete ink based fingerprinting on fingerprint cards or forms for most reasons and we offer Live Scan (electronic, digital, biometric fingerprinting) for FBI reports. We only use approved high quality fingerprinting ink pads and the most current, advanced digital livescan equipment on the market today.

The most common reasons we fingerprint are for: Personal FBI reports for travel Visas, international adoptions, attorney requests, professional/occupational licensing requirements - nurses, physicians and other medical personnel, mortgage professionals, out of state insurance adjusters, FINRA compliance for Financial Advisors, Investment Bankers & Securities Brokers, Government contract workers, FDIC contractors, Immigration, legal name changes, out of state liquor licenses, to expunge past criminal records, collection agencies & debt negotiation companies, commercial and out of state real estate licensing, USPS applicants, Census workers, IRS submission for income tax professionals, and attorneys/law firms. If you don't see your reason listed here, call and ask us - most likely we can do it. Our experience, professionalism, and reliability can't be beat!

Save our number (214) 529-8157. We will be offering fingerprinting & notary services for years to come!

Disclaimer and Guarantee: All fingerprinting will be completed in accordance with industry standards. Prices charged for fingerprinting or notary services are for time and labor spent meeting for services being rendered, thus we have a no refund policy. We do guarantee our fingerprinting so if your fingerprint records are returned by the authorities or FBI deemed as unclassifiable due to our error, we will reprint you once more at no charge in our Irving , TX office. If your fingerprints are returned due to low ridge detail or a skin condition preventing us from recording classifiable fingerprints (or other reason not deemed our fault, such as missing information on cards, etc.), we must charge standard rates for another set of fingerprints. We maintain an extraordinarily low rejection rate. In the unlikely event that you are notified of your fingerprints being returned, simply call ahead to schedule an appointment and bring the rejection letter you received with your receipt for your reprints. If requested, we will reprint you at your location, however, a mobile trip charge will apply for time and fuel used while traveling. It is your responsibility to know if you are required to obtain ink based or electronic fingerprinting for your background check prior to scheduling an appointment with us. Blank FD-258 cards purchased are final sales and are non-refundable.