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Mobile Notary - Budget Fingerprinting & Notary


Dallas - Fort Worth TX Mobile Notary Services

Why choose a mobile notary service? Just like our popular mobile fingerprinting service, people are very busy and strapped for time now days. The high cost of fuel is another factor to consider. We offer a convenient mobile service, in addition to office appointments, to give our valued customers a choice. If you choose to book an office appointment, just call us ahead of time at (214) 529-8157. It is best to schedule an appointment since we are periodically away from the office providing mobile service calls. Our office is centrally located about a half mile south of the Irving Mall at 1226 N. Belt Line Rd., Irving, TX 75061 (next to Walgreens at Belt Line Rd. & Pioneer Dr.). We are located in a safe office complex that is easy to find and quickly accessible from the highway.

Neal H. Stout is a commissioned Texas Notary Public. Neal offers a notary and signing agent service in the Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas area to serve local and out of state clients.

Most types of documents can be notarized:

• Real Estate Closing – Signing Agent.

* I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (the I-9 form does not require notarization, so we stamp an I-9 Affidavit to attach)

• Affidavits.

• Power of Attorney documents.

• Wills.

• Contracts.

• School documents.

• Notes from parents or legal guardians providing permission for minors to travel.

• Other miscellaneous personal and legal documents.

What is required prior to commencing a notarial act? Mainly, the document(s) being notarized must be complete prior to signing. All parties required to sign or witness the document(s) must appear with proper ID and sign in front of the Notary.

Mobile Notary Service Areas
These are some of the Dallas – Fort Worth, TX areas that we service. This is a limited list, so call us at (214) 529-8157 to confirm that we service your area!

• Dallas Mobile Notary
• Irving Mobile Notary
• Coppell Mobile Notary
• Arlington Mobile Notary
• Grand Prairie Mobile Notary
• Bedford Mobile Notary
• Colleyville Mobile Notary
• Euless Mobile Notary
• Addison Mobile Notary
• Mansfield Mobile Notary
• Southlake Mobile Notary
• Garland Mobile Notary
• McKinney Mobile Notary
• Desoto Mobile Notary
• Fort Worth Mobile Notary
• Carrollton Mobile Notary
• Farmers Branch Mobile Notary
• Plano Mobile Notary
• Flower Mound Mobile Notary
• Grapevine Mobile Notary
• Lewisville Mobile Notary
• Hurst Mobile Notary
• Keller Mobile Notary
• North Richland Hills Mobile Notary
• Richardson Mobile Notary
• Mesquite Mobile Notary
• Burleson Mobile Notary

Budget Fingerprinting is the number one choice for digital livescan & ink fingerprinting in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX!

 Call Us Today – (214) 529-8157

Disclaimer and Guarantee: All fingerprinting will be completed in accordance with industry standards. Prices charged for fingerprinting or notary services are for time and labor spent meeting for services being rendered, thus we have a no refund policy. We do guarantee our fingerprinting so if your fingerprint records are returned by the authorities or FBI deemed as unclassifiable due to our error, we will reprint you once more at no charge in our Irving , TX office. If your fingerprints are returned due to low ridge detail or a skin condition preventing us from recording classifiable fingerprints (or other reason not deemed our fault, such as missing information on cards, etc.), we must charge standard rates for another set of fingerprints. We maintain an extraordinarily low rejection rate. In the unlikely event that you are notified of your fingerprints being returned, simply call ahead to schedule an appointment and bring the rejection letter you received with your receipt for your reprints. If requested, we will reprint you at your location, however, a mobile trip charge will apply for time and fuel used while traveling. It is your responsibility to know if you are required to obtain ink based or electronic fingerprinting for your background check prior to scheduling an appointment with us. Blank FD-258 cards purchased are final sales and are non-refundable.